Monday, June 4, 2007

all in the family

i talked to mom on skype today, and also to don, chuck, my step-brother, and his wife joanna. mom even brought tucker, my dog, over to wave into the video camera. it was good to see everyone, kinda of crazy to realize i'll see them all in person in a week. i talked to krystle too, which was good, and we laughed a lot and planned a tentative trip to iowa city. depends on sami's schedule though.

i turned in my mythology paper today. whoa. and now i've only got 3 things to go. which is slightly scary. and relieving. and sad.

tonight is the urban bites work party, and i know it's going to be fun. everyone there is really nice and it'll be fun to see them all when they're not working.

i leave a week from today. whoa.

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