Sunday, May 27, 2007

home vs here

things that excite me about coming home:
i get to go to iowa and see everyone before i go to camp.
- i get to spend a few days in the city and see a few people.
- family dinner the night i get home.
- diner food.
- getting my hair cut.
- camp.
- finally being done with school.
- being in buildings with heating and air conditioning.
- my stereo.
- getting to use my razr again. thank. god.
- wearing dresses and skirts.
- playing a lot of guitar.
- american cheese.
- putting my clothes through a washer and dryer instead of doing them by hand.

things that do not excite me about leaving:
saying goodbye. i hate it. more than anything in the world.
- leaving this place where i've put down roots, made friends, and feel at home.
- knowing that it's going to be a very long time until i see these people again, if ever.
- not getting to wear my sweaters.
- no more aussie accents.
- no more living 20 minutes from the ocean.
- no more here.
- goodbyes.

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