Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i'm gonna miss this place

i stopped into urban bites today to get a chai, and all of my favorite people were working except for bryce and my friend angus, who were both at class. i love going into urban- it's like the diner, everyone knows me there, they know what i like to get to eat and drink, they joke around with me and always make me feel welcome. sometimes i think they like me more than bryce :)

anthony, one of the owners, and pag, who makes amazing coffees, were giving me a bunch of crap about bryce having been in with some other girl but that really they were giving me crap because they were jealous he had someone so great. i was laughing my butt off at all the jokes they were cracking, and when they asked how long i have left(which is less than 4 weeks now, scary), they both seemed stunned and said they'd be sure to take care of him for me.

it's little things like this that give you roots, that help you feel at home in a place. it is my diner here, my favorite place to eat and the one where everyone knows me. angus always has a smile and a kiss for me when i come in, and the rest of the boys are always making me laugh while i wait for my chai. i'm going to miss it when i go home. even though i'm going back to the real diner, there's something about this place. i'll definitely be leaving a bit of my heart behind, at a table in the sun in the courtyard.

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