Saturday, May 19, 2007

i'm coming home

i got my exam moved. i'm coming home june 11. oh my god. that's in 4 weeks and 2 days. that's really soon. i don't know if i can do it. i mean i want to but, i guess i thought it was a lot farther away.

i might not see brett when i go home. completely heartbreaking, i really had my soul set on seeing him. but he'll be in ga and i'll be all over the place, so, guess not... i get to go home to iowa for a week which is great- otherwise i wouldn't have seen people there for 6 months before i got back, which is longer than i've ever been away from any of them. i get to see john there, which is awesome. and i'm going to spend a few days in ny before camp which i'm very excited about- maybe i'll see if andrew wants to go see marybeth or if he wants me to go with him to get his car in maryland. who knows. he gets home june 16 or 17, so it's perfect timing. i told him to stick around so i could see him before camp. yay.

bryce and i went to the open-air market in glebe today, and i finally found the perfect silver ring that i've been looking for. i'm pretty excited about it.

i saw zodiac last night. whoa. i haven't been that into a movie since i saw the departed. it's good. very good. bryce and i have been coming up with all these theories about the killer(because the mystery is still unsolved), which has been fun.

it's getting down to it as well- big art paper due wednesday which i did an incredible(if i do say so myself) job of laying out and organizing in order to make an outline and keep my ideas straight. after that it's a mythology paper, a shakespeare paper, and studying for two tests. fun.

also i got asked to play a part in the shakespeare scene next week, which is fairly big and the only girl so i'm pretty excited. yaaaaaay.

ok ok so this is badly written and i apologize, but i figure, it's an update, right? right. weird to think that there are probably not that many more of these to come because i'm going home soon, and i'm going to end it then. sad. maybe i'll start a regular one.

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