Friday, May 25, 2007

eight ball, corner pocket

i'm swiftly becoming obsessed with pool. i wonder if there are any places i can play in the city even though i'm under age for 6 more months. i should check that out.

chris and i played a few games tonight, and i beat her twice. bryce is a good teacher. now that i can actually sink shots fairly regularly i keep asking everyone if they want to go play. some day, some day i will be able to beat dad. some day.

i have a little over two weeks left. i'm a little freaked out by that, but strangely content. i feel... ready to go. i don't want to, i'm not glad to leave, but, i've made my peace with it and am starting to get excited about seeing everyone. and getting my hair cut. and driving. and being

funny how things work out like that- how sometimes you're just ready. it just lines up. and then you aim, and make the shot.


bretterson said...

its the hardest thing coming home. make sure that you take some time for yourself to really just feel that youve come home. i really really hate to make it sound like its terrible to be home afterwards, but after about a week, it hits you. i had to cry and cry. but then you know that you loved it. when you get back, call me if you need any help readjusting. at least youll get time with some friends as soon as you get back. sorry, i really dont mean to be a drag, i just want for you to be prepared i guess. i love you gurl.

bretterson said...

im sorry for the comment, it mite make you feel bad about coming home but i want you to absorb everything you possibly can in the last two weeks there. get packed early so you dont deal with it for the last two days, trust me on that one.
i just miss you and want youto love everything and everyone youre around.

bretterson said...

hmm...why would you think im with her? are those two post secrets that telling? because we kinda are...? i dunno, but its good.

i heart you