Sunday, May 20, 2007

and then i scratched the 8 ball...

after spending most of the afternoon writing my art history paper like a good girl, i went with chris, bryce, and his friend jake to play pool the marly bar, which is just up the street. i don't remember ever actually being taught how to play pool, i mean i know the basics but no one's ever really showed me how to be good. so i think i'm going to ask bryce to show me so that way i can come home and play everyone at aunt susan's at christmas. or maybe it'll be a new relaxing past time in new york, who knows. but i do want to be better 'cause currently it's pretty embarrassing.

i leave in 4 weeks. too long or too short. i can't make up my mind. both.

standing just outside
the circle of light
avoiding the pool cues
watching the game
waiting for you
hanging in the doorway
like smoke
like mistletoe
this is where I'll be
whenever you come or go

circle of light - ani difranco

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