Wednesday, May 30, 2007

who would have thought

i met liam at manning yesterday. we talked about a lot of things and it was revealing and relieving and nice. i think we've finally started to get back to where we can laugh and talk and hang out without everything that happened between us being so close under the surface and continually threatening us, without our friendship being so tenuous. i guess it's not a friendship if it's tenuous though, is it... it's starting to be one now. it's nice. hopefully it lasts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's really happening

i've just booked my farewell party at the marly bar. good because i can finally tell people its happening for sure, bad because it means i'm actually leaving. the fact that the party is a week from saturday does not help. too soon. i kind of can't believe that i'm actually going to leave.

that said, i'm ignoring my sadness about leaving by making about a zillion flashcards for mythology, writing 2 papers, doing a ton of research, and studying for my history test. my brain kind of hurts.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

home vs here

things that excite me about coming home:
i get to go to iowa and see everyone before i go to camp.
- i get to spend a few days in the city and see a few people.
- family dinner the night i get home.
- diner food.
- getting my hair cut.
- camp.
- finally being done with school.
- being in buildings with heating and air conditioning.
- my stereo.
- getting to use my razr again. thank. god.
- wearing dresses and skirts.
- playing a lot of guitar.
- american cheese.
- putting my clothes through a washer and dryer instead of doing them by hand.

things that do not excite me about leaving:
saying goodbye. i hate it. more than anything in the world.
- leaving this place where i've put down roots, made friends, and feel at home.
- knowing that it's going to be a very long time until i see these people again, if ever.
- not getting to wear my sweaters.
- no more aussie accents.
- no more living 20 minutes from the ocean.
- no more here.
- goodbyes.

Friday, May 25, 2007

eight ball, corner pocket

i'm swiftly becoming obsessed with pool. i wonder if there are any places i can play in the city even though i'm under age for 6 more months. i should check that out.

chris and i played a few games tonight, and i beat her twice. bryce is a good teacher. now that i can actually sink shots fairly regularly i keep asking everyone if they want to go play. some day, some day i will be able to beat dad. some day.

i have a little over two weeks left. i'm a little freaked out by that, but strangely content. i feel... ready to go. i don't want to, i'm not glad to leave, but, i've made my peace with it and am starting to get excited about seeing everyone. and getting my hair cut. and driving. and being

funny how things work out like that- how sometimes you're just ready. it just lines up. and then you aim, and make the shot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i'm gonna miss this place

i stopped into urban bites today to get a chai, and all of my favorite people were working except for bryce and my friend angus, who were both at class. i love going into urban- it's like the diner, everyone knows me there, they know what i like to get to eat and drink, they joke around with me and always make me feel welcome. sometimes i think they like me more than bryce :)

anthony, one of the owners, and pag, who makes amazing coffees, were giving me a bunch of crap about bryce having been in with some other girl but that really they were giving me crap because they were jealous he had someone so great. i was laughing my butt off at all the jokes they were cracking, and when they asked how long i have left(which is less than 4 weeks now, scary), they both seemed stunned and said they'd be sure to take care of him for me.

it's little things like this that give you roots, that help you feel at home in a place. it is my diner here, my favorite place to eat and the one where everyone knows me. angus always has a smile and a kiss for me when i come in, and the rest of the boys are always making me laugh while i wait for my chai. i'm going to miss it when i go home. even though i'm going back to the real diner, there's something about this place. i'll definitely be leaving a bit of my heart behind, at a table in the sun in the courtyard.

Monday, May 21, 2007

like i said, it's the little things...

i just found out that my art paper isn't due until friday, when for some reason i had thought it was due wednesday.

now that makes me happy.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

and then i scratched the 8 ball...

after spending most of the afternoon writing my art history paper like a good girl, i went with chris, bryce, and his friend jake to play pool the marly bar, which is just up the street. i don't remember ever actually being taught how to play pool, i mean i know the basics but no one's ever really showed me how to be good. so i think i'm going to ask bryce to show me so that way i can come home and play everyone at aunt susan's at christmas. or maybe it'll be a new relaxing past time in new york, who knows. but i do want to be better 'cause currently it's pretty embarrassing.

i leave in 4 weeks. too long or too short. i can't make up my mind. both.

standing just outside
the circle of light
avoiding the pool cues
watching the game
waiting for you
hanging in the doorway
like smoke
like mistletoe
this is where I'll be
whenever you come or go

circle of light - ani difranco

Saturday, May 19, 2007

i'm coming home

i got my exam moved. i'm coming home june 11. oh my god. that's in 4 weeks and 2 days. that's really soon. i don't know if i can do it. i mean i want to but, i guess i thought it was a lot farther away.

i might not see brett when i go home. completely heartbreaking, i really had my soul set on seeing him. but he'll be in ga and i'll be all over the place, so, guess not... i get to go home to iowa for a week which is great- otherwise i wouldn't have seen people there for 6 months before i got back, which is longer than i've ever been away from any of them. i get to see john there, which is awesome. and i'm going to spend a few days in ny before camp which i'm very excited about- maybe i'll see if andrew wants to go see marybeth or if he wants me to go with him to get his car in maryland. who knows. he gets home june 16 or 17, so it's perfect timing. i told him to stick around so i could see him before camp. yay.

bryce and i went to the open-air market in glebe today, and i finally found the perfect silver ring that i've been looking for. i'm pretty excited about it.

i saw zodiac last night. whoa. i haven't been that into a movie since i saw the departed. it's good. very good. bryce and i have been coming up with all these theories about the killer(because the mystery is still unsolved), which has been fun.

it's getting down to it as well- big art paper due wednesday which i did an incredible(if i do say so myself) job of laying out and organizing in order to make an outline and keep my ideas straight. after that it's a mythology paper, a shakespeare paper, and studying for two tests. fun.

also i got asked to play a part in the shakespeare scene next week, which is fairly big and the only girl so i'm pretty excited. yaaaaaay.

ok ok so this is badly written and i apologize, but i figure, it's an update, right? right. weird to think that there are probably not that many more of these to come because i'm going home soon, and i'm going to end it then. sad. maybe i'll start a regular one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the littlest things...

chai lattes from urban bites. heaven.

history essay - done and handed in.

art essay - on the way to being done.

stranger than fiction. surprisingly good and ooooh, maggie gyllenhaal.

the number 23 with chris, bryce, and jason tomorrow night. yay jason, i heart him.

my blisters finally healed so now i can wear my teal flats. i've accumulated a lot of shoes here. and that is awesome.

i'm wearing andrew's sweatshirt.

...are what make you happy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


bryce and i went to the museum of contemporary art yesterday, and i've got to say that i wasn't that impressed. i mean, i like modern art, but, it's not that hard to take a photograph of a sad or serious person. that said, there were other types of photographs by the same artist, but i feel like it's when an artist captures the essence of something - or someone - that they've got something special. i realize also that sometimes the essence is depressing, but, there's more to life than that, and i wish they had shown it.

it's getting down to the wire- i've got 2 big papers due tomorrow and a week from tomorrow, and a big paper and 2 finals 2 weeks after that. whoa. i'm also talking with my professor about taking my history exam early, because otherwise i'd be sitting here for like 2 weeks with absolutely nothing to do when i could be home seeing people and getting to camp on time. i had to call him about it today but he wasn't there, so i left him my number and hopefully he'll call back soon.

also my new ipod is ready, but i haven't been able to get a hold of the apple store yet to have them send me my proof of purchase for the applecare i bought last year. gaaaah.... that means like a midnight phone call to ny tonight. awesome.

so much to do, so little time. how cliche but how true.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

not too shabby

so i've recently discovered that i got a distinction on my art paper, which is like an A- or B+ in the states. and yesterday i found out i got a high distinction on the shakepeare scene i directed, which is a solid A.

guess a different country is just what i needed to put my mind to the test.

also i've been generally having a blast.

i just want to say to my moms- happy mother's day, suze and sandy.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

may 5

chris and i went out last night with jason, the guy she's seeing, and his friend joe. we went to their friend's house for pizza first, and then to opera bar because jason had never been there and it's my and chris' favorite place in the city. we had a great time- i can see why she's so infatuated with jason, he's really great and hopefully continues to be so. joe is very nice and articulate and the four of us had almost constant conversation.

chris and i decided today that we wanted to live these last two months to the fullest- we've both got huge assessments in the next couple weeks but after that have a break, so we decided that we're going to make sure that we catch up with all of our friends and take every opportunity to have fun. awesome.

our new favorite inside joke

Saturday, May 5, 2007

i got a distinction on my art paper. that's pretty much like an A. only 10 people got them in all my tutor's classes, and only 2 people got the higher mark. awesome.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


ok so it's been forever and forgive me but i've been a busy girl.

i have 2 papers due in 2.5 weeks. i'm directing a scene of shakespeare tomorrow which is a fairly big part of my grade for that class and i've been meeting with my partner, monty, a fair bit in order to get it settled. i went to the art gallery of new south wales today and fell in love. i saw spiderman 3. i've been memorizing like a madwoman for my mythology quizzes. i had a really good conversation with my art ta. i know there's more but i can't think of it at the moment. i'll remember eventually.