Wednesday, April 18, 2007

weird wednesday

i kind of had a fight with liam today. fun times(sarcasm). it's going to keep happening until we talk about things. we probably won't. i try to bring it up and air it out but he's not interested. if i repress any more i might get a brain tumor like lois in that episode of family guy.

on the upshot i'm enjoying everything else- classes are good, i actually got to read my book today, my new camera is keeping me sane, i'm writing poetry. mike and i are getting closer which is nice. i talked to john today and he said he misses me and he's definitely visiting me in nyc this fall. awesome. i love john.

i'd write something more interesting but the few days have been pretty emotionally exhausting and to be honest i'm at one of those rare points where i can't even really think of a good sentence, let alone something funny or clever. i'm trying, but sometimes that only gets you so far. guess i need to read more. that's funny because i read 55 pages for art today. maybe i need to read something different. maybe i need to

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