Monday, April 16, 2007

the weekend

friday night chris and i went to the panthers vs. eels rugby game with gore, belinda, liam, jeff, and bailey. we had a total blast- gore and i were the only ones going for the eels, so we cheered when they won while everyone else complained.

saturday night we went to liss' 21st, which was at once awesome and awful. i was lara croft, and chris was catherine zeta-jones in zorro(the theme was hollywood.) liss looked gorgeous, rightly so, and almost the whole group was there, so it was really fun. there was major drama with liam which resulted in me deciding not to talk to him anymore, which is a shame, but frankly i've given him too many chances already and he's wasted every one, so it's his own fault.

yesterday i spent all day studying and watching family guy, and today i handed in my first paper here, which felt pretty good, and also talked to elise. so it's been kind of rollercoaster-y the last few days, but i don't really expect anything different these days.

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