Thursday, April 26, 2007

one of those 'artsy' types

i've just come back from my art tutorial and i'm pretty excited because i pretty much rocked it. i still don't know how i did on my paper even though my ta said it was good, but today in class i made a really good point that he hadn't even thought of. it make me really happy because this is the class i was most worried about sounding stupid in. but i don't. so that's good.

we've been talking about gothic architecture and it's totally made me not only want to go to europe to see it all but to go back to st john the divine when i get back to the city i have such good memories of the day camp there. who wouldn't want to look at this every day?

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bonkosi alyssa said...

while somewhat extravagant and tacky, gothic architecture in europe is beyond beautiful.