Thursday, April 12, 2007


today chris and i spent the afternoon at manly, a really cute little suburb across the harbor. we took a ferry over and walked through the main part of town, which is basically just this gigantic pedestrian walkway with a bunch of surf shops and souvenir places. chris found a necklace with a gorgeous fish pendant, but i was kind of disappointed because i kept trying things and trying things and nothing fit or was too expensive.

when we got to the end of the street we cross and went to look at the beach. it's really touristy and full of surfers- even at like 3:45 there were a ton of people there. but it's a nice beach, and it was cool to see it busy rather than how completely dead it was when liam and i visited last june.

we walked back up the other side of the street, and i finally found a store that had a great sale on. i got a few tops, and a studded black belt to complete my lara croft: tomb raider costume for liss' 21st on saturday. at the next shop i found an awesome pair of boardies(board shorts, surf shorts, whatever you want to call them), and chris was cracking me up trying on a million swimsuits.

we got back on the ferry and then the bus home, and now it's time to read 5 chapters of my mythology book and edit my art paper. awesome.

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bretterson said...

hells ya for first wall post, loving it. i wanted you to be the first so of course i asked you. who else?! and loving that you have muse-starlite up. basically one of my top ten bands. ever.