Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blue mountains

chris and i went with liam and mike and his girlfriend belinda to the blue mountains yesterday. it was awesome! liam and mike got audio guides and were relaying us with the information, and doing all sorts of goofy stuff.

i really enjoy spending time with mike- he's so funny, and one of the sweetest, most genuine people i know. and belinda is a total sweetheart as well. i'm going to miss them a lot when i leave.

today i talked to mom for like and hour and a half on skype, and it was so good to hear her voice. she told me all about what's going on at home and i told her about my classes and my trip to murramarang.

and now i have to write a paper. yes.


bretterson said...

finally!! pictures of my beautiful alexis!! love you. miss you. come home?! actually, no. stay. trust me, so much better far away. still miss you though. been listenin to a little too much country for my own good. i think i mite be a little too country for people here. im good with that. ciao bellissima!

bretterson said...

so i responded to your question that you sent me in this comment, but then it was long enough i decided to make it a post. and the gurl in question is the one ive been all twisted up about. bay, of course.