Friday, March 23, 2007

what a way to end the week

i'm officially in love with my shakespeare tutorial. my t.a. is ok, but what really makes it for me is what happens in the tute:

we walk in and move the desks to the side so that we can sit in a circle. the student directors for that week get their actors and spend the next half hour running the scene in front of all of us, interrupting with direction or dramaturgy. the actors then run the scene completely and we get to see what changes the direction has brought to the scene and how we view it, how it makes us feel. afterwards the group discusses ideas that we had or things that were interesting, or the way the direction affects the scene for us as an audience.

i haven't acted or directed yet, but i am chomping at the bit.

it brought back my years at janesville, getting up to go to rehearsal at 7 am and being there all day on saturdays or sundays. it made me think of working with jason on the tempest, and now that i can see what it's like and how many different ideas for staging and gesture and tone of voice pop into your head, i have a totally new respect for what a good director he is. it's hard and exhilarating and fulfilling and thought-provoking... i could go on and on, my mind is racing with ideas.

it is the perfect way to end the week.

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bretterson said...

hey whats that thing on the side of your blog, the 'stuff going on' thing?
is that just a little thing you put up to show what youve been up to without posting?