Monday, March 26, 2007

week end, week beginning

it's been a good weekend. the boys had cricket finals this week, so chris and i got up on saturday and went to watch them. they were fielding, which kind of sucked because it means that they're all on the field and we're just sitting there watching for 5 hours. but they played really well and got some good outs. and also gammo and liss were there for a bit, and trish, and chris and i went to maccas(mcdonalds) with macca. so it was good, we got to see everyone.

when i got home i went with bryce and harry to see scoop, the new woody allen movie. it was hilarious! i've never actually sat through a woody allen movie so i don't really know if this was like his other ones, but i was cracking up the whole time. i loved it. now i have to go rent his movies because it's possible that he'll become one of my favorites. i taught bryce and harry about popcorn and m&ms, and they both tried it and liked it. so i feel proud that i brought something new to australia.

yesterday chris and i went to about a million bookshops looking for copies of the shakespeare plays that i still need. we only found one of the three and ended up going to about 7 or 8 in all. frustrating. but we got gelato, which makes everything better. she and bryce came over to study, and harry popped in to see us on his study breaks. i like studying with people. most people that think you don't get as much done that way, but i find that when other people are working around me i feel more guilty about setting my books aside to surf the net or go mess around. gore texted me while we were studying and told me that the boys had won cricket. i was so proud!

today i've been doing laundry and just hanging out, getting ready for another week of school. things go so fast here, i can't believe it's already week 4 of classes. i'll be home before i know it.

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