Wednesday, March 21, 2007


today was... tuesday. i don't really know how to describe it. you know how sometimes a day just feels like what day it is? like how mondays can just be absolutely horrid because you know you still have four days of work left, but that fridays are glorious because you have two days ahead of you to do whatever you want. today felt like a tuesday. which is good because it was.

i went to my mythology tutorial this morning, which i have to say is sub-stellar. it's good, but there's been a whole fiasco with the book shop and they don't have enough copies for us so only half the class has them, so there are no real discussions yet. a good thing that i discovered though is that my mythology class and my greek history class are overlapping nicely right now in terms of subject matter, so i can make quicker and better connections.

christiana and i went with harry and tom and ben to bryce's tonight to eat dinner and watch v for vendetta which i had forgotten that i was totally in love with. it's a strange film- so many parts of it seem familiar from other films or other plots but somehow it all combines to make something different. we also watched family guy and i got to laugh my ass off for about 2 hours straight, which made me very happy.

i got a long email from dani today and it pulled at my heart- i miss everyone so much and i feel guilty that my day just flies by here and i don't really remember that i miss people until someone says something that reminds me of home or i talk to someone, though that has a way of happening every day. i actually got reminded of home a lot today- i talked to brett and julian, elise for a little bit, got an email from mom... i love it here but i also know that i'm going to love coming home, too.

i wonder what kind of wednesday tomorrow will be.

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recomplicated? how so?