Saturday, March 3, 2007

sun, sand, and sea

christiana and i went to the beach yesterday with our friend rob, who's a med student at the uni. it was gorgeous. i don't know how i'm going to go back to a place where i can't just take a bus to the beach whenever i want. it might might torture. wait, scratch that. it will be.

i thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed lying on the beach and hearing with waves crash, feeling the sun beat down on my back and the breeze blowing off the water. there's just something about the beach. i don't know what it is, i just makes all of my thoughts and worries melt away until nothing is left but the absolute joy of being there. i guess that's what real relaxation is.

i got a long email from mom last night which was awesome. she said she'd been reading my blog(hi mom!), and told me all about what's been going on at home. it's weird- i never get homesick anymore because i'm so used to being away, but i miss everyone so much. i finally got my aim, skype, and messenger working, and i was so ecstatic when it worked that i messaged everyone that was on regardless of time difference. i've talked to a few people since, and i spoke to andrew a little bit ago, like, spoke, through skype, heard his voice, and it was soooooo nice to hear a familiar voice from home. i love it here, but it is so good to be able to talk to everyone from home again.

today's another gorgeous, but hot, day. and it's a very very good one.

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