Tuesday, March 6, 2007

see you soon

i spoke to andrew last night, on skype.

i downloaded the new version so that i could see his video camera, and when the window appeared and i could see his face as he was speaking, i almost cried. it is so good to hear and see someone from home.

we talked about how it is for each of us- shanghai and sydney, respectively-, about things we've been doing, and reminiscing a little bit. mostly i spent the whole time grinning to myself and glad that i didn't have a video camera so he couldn't see how stupidly happy i was. i can't explain how good it is to talk to someone from home when i'm so far away. and to see them... amazing.

jonah put it pretty well yesterday when we were talking, which was also lovely. he said, 'i forget how much i miss you until i talk to you.' and he's right. i'm so used to being away from home that i forget that no matter where i am- school, camp, janesville- there are always people missing, always people i love that aren't there. i've gotten so settled in here and made myself at home, and i don't really remember that i'm on the other side of the world until i talk to someone. i miss everyone so much, though, that i guess that's the only way to deal with it and not be unhappy all the time. and i love the experiences i'm having here and the people i've met, so i want to keep enjoying it. i'm trying pretty hard not to think about how much i miss everyone and to just have fun, and i'm doing alright. seeing andrew on skype last night made me incredibly homesick for the people in my life, so i went to bed half happy and excited because i saw him, and half sad and mopey because i can't see anyone else.

but today is a new day, and i'm feeling better. i still missed everyone severely, but i will until the day i leave. and then i'll miss the people from here. but i'm used to missing people- so i can do this.

in a bulletproof vest, with the windows all closed
i'll be doing my best
i'll see you soon

'see you soon' - coldplay


sister said...

I have video skype too... one of these days we'll be one at the same time.

The most likely times for me are between 7am and 8am and after 8pm my time.

bretterson said...

and kmon gurl, i have skype, also with a camera! so we could do that too. maybe once i get to florida for spring break. im glad youre doing lovelily. i tried to make lovely into an ad-adverb. i think it came out aight. miss you much.