Sunday, March 4, 2007

raining on sunday

there's a huge thunderstorm tonight. and i love it. the lightning is flashing and the thunder rumbling, and i feel like i'm back at camp on one of those days when the unbearable humidity of the last three weeks finally breaks and oceans come pouring from the sky.

looking out my window i can see the water pounding on the pavement and the trees, running down the windows of the building opposite me. the sky is a crazy grey-purple-red-brown color, except when the lightning cracks and it turns to pale pale periwinkle. there are people running through the walkway with sweatshirts over their heads, flip-flops flapping on the wet cement. the wind is coming through my window and cooling my room, a huge relief from the hot, hot, muggy day that was today.

it makes me think of days in the city- walking to class in a downpour i didn't know was coming and so i end up soaked by the time i get to the silver center; coming home with my jeans absolutely soaking and draping them in the shower with everyone else's rain-wet clothes. or looking out the window of 32M and dreading walking to the subway with no umbrella.

the rain makes me miss different people for different reasons. i miss leigh because we'd always come back to the bunk during an afternoon thunderstorm at camp. some of my best memories are running through the rain with her, and then laying around talking while our wet clothes sat out to dry on the top bunks of our cabin. i miss megan because her glasses would always be speckled with rain when she got home from class, her hair always slicked to one side and her nose sniffly; and the night we walked to the corner cafe on bleecker street with one umbrella to share, only to realize most of the way there that it was closed already. i miss sam- somehow it seems like we were always driving through thunderstorms at home together, the lightning illuminating the cornfields and the rain splattering on the windshield as we drove home from wherever we were. i miss mom and elise because we would always read together on rainy days. i miss dad and sandy because rainy days are quiet in 12D, and i loved watching it fall past the windows, awed that i saw it before the people on the floors below me. i miss andrew and his broken umbrella, seeing him arrive in class with soaking jeans; walking home together from lab last year and all but abandoning the umbrella on a street corner. i miss how it seemed like every time it rained this fall he would show up at seventh street to wait it out.

the rain has eased, and so have the thunder and lightning, but there are still drops running down windows and their impact is still visible in the small flashes of lightning every few minutes. i hope it's still raining when i go to sleep- it's one of the best sounds in the world.

can't you see that it's just raining
ain't no need to go outside...
but baby, you hardly even notice
when i try to show you, this
song is meant to keep you
from doing what you're s'posed to
like waking up too early
maybe we could sleep in
make you banana pancakes
pretend like it's the weekend now

and we could pretend it all the time
can't you see that it's just raining
ain't no need to go outside

banana pancakes - jack johnson

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