Thursday, March 8, 2007

myths, painters, columns and a bard

i've officially had all four of my classes. i think i'm in love.

my greek history class promises to be a lot of material and hard, but i'm excited about it. i think it's going to give me a really good background in general, since i never really studied any antiquities in high school.

it's also going to tie in wonderfully with my classical mythology class, which will be interesting not only from a historical standpoint, but a literary one as well. i did some things with mythology in high school but never studied it in depth. the most experience i've had with it is becoming oddly obsessed with the odyssey in seventh grade, reading selected passages from the iliad in high school, and watching troy, which truthfully i was there to see because brad pitt and orlando bloom are in it.

my art history class will be really enlightening, i think. my professor is very cute and able to laugh at herself, which i love. i'm really excited to learn how to analyze forms of art that i don't work with. i can talk about a photograph or piece of music with a fair amount of knowledge since i've been studying those mediums for years, but set me in front of a painting and i'm(for the most part) reduced to "oh, that's pretty." i can't wait to go back to the met or the moma and see the paintings not only for their beauty, but to be able to look at them with some knowledge of their(or the style's or artist's) history and technique.

shakespeare. i've had an affair with shakespeare since sixth grade, when i first saw baz luhrman's romeo + juliet. granted, my desire to see that movie arose from a titanic-sized crush on leonardo dicaprio(pun intended), but i truly forgot about him and became wrapped up in the story within the first five minutes. since then, i(alone among most of my high school classmates) have reveled in any opportunity to read shakespeare- romeo and juliet, macbeth, hamlet- not to mention seeing othello, julius ceasar, a midsummer night's dream, comedy of errors, a winter's tale and hamlet live. add to that playing ariel in the tempest(not in shakespearean english, but whatever, still awesome), and i've had a lot of exposure. and now i get even more, and to actually truly learn about what i'm reading instead of floundering through it on my own. i think i'm in heaven.

i can't remember being this excited for a long time. this semester... it's perfect, i think. i've started doing yoga again, my relationships are finally getting sorted out, i'm in this amazing country and i get to learn about things that i'm so interested in it hardly seems like work. i think that this is what life is supposed to be. doing what you love and having people you love and who love you in return in your life.

not everything is perfect and it never will be, but i'm learning to appreciate my life at the moment i'm living it, not just after the fact.

love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.
helena, a midsummer night's dream - william shakespeare

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bretterson said...

i want your mythology and greek history classes. because im a huuuuge dork.
im at the beach. its amazing.
i miss you a lot.
i read your lowenbrau post. baileys last name is lowenthal and whn i read it i had one of those like, spinny head like, wait what?! moments, ya know? her and i hang out more. i think i fell back in love with her. uh oh.