Sunday, March 11, 2007


tonight was liam's birthday party/get together/thing. it was great. we went to the lowenbrau which is this german bar in the rocks, sydney's historical district. everyone was there: gore, donny, tim gore, jeff, bec, gammo, scottish dave, sandra... liss wasn't there which made me sad, and neither was macca 'cause he's playing footy this weekend.

i had a great time just talking with everyone. i keep realizing how much i love this group of people- gore is just genuine and so funny; i felt a physical pain when he left tonight. donny is funny as well but very much the protector. he's like a mother lion defending her cubs, always making sure that everyone's ok and then cracking them up while he's at it. i realized tonight that i'm going to be so sad to leave all of these amazing people who have let me into their lives and been willing to become a part of mine.

i am very very tired because it's very very late. but i'm very very happy. despite the fact that my feet hurt imensely from my heels, i'm extremely glad that i get to spend the next 3 months here, with these people whom i have come to really care for.

every day has downs, but every day has ups, too. and this was a very good one.

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