Sunday, March 4, 2007

lazy saturday

i slept in late today. it was lovely.

chris and i rocked up to hoochie mamas, a cafe that's about 100 feet from my building. i had french toast. it made me happy.

i came home and did laundry finally- all of my clothes smell lovely because i dried them on the terrace instead of in a machine. i sat around and read my book for a while, and then bryce stopped by and had dinner with christiana and i.

mardis gras was on tonight, apparently the biggest in the world. chris wanted to see it, but i didn't. i told her i'd go, though, so we took the bus to circular quay. it turned out that the parade was on oxford street, which is another bus ride away. we stopped by opera bar for a drink and had a really good conversation like we usually seem to do. donny texted me and told me to come out to where he was just across the bridge, so we hopped in a cab.

when we arrived i was surprised to see some people that i knew besides donny- his sister anna was there, the boys' friend bec, and also their friend scottish dave, whose birthday it was. there were two guys playing guitar and singing and they were absolutely amazing. that alone made coming out worth it. we actually met them as we were leaving and they asked if we were coming back next week.

we went to scottish dave's for a bit to hang out with everyone, and then bronnie dropped us home. it's been a whirl-windy couple of weeks, but i'm excited for classes to start and to get into a routine. i've gotta have my down time!

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