Thursday, March 8, 2007

art, liam, and greeks

i had my first art history class yesterday. i think it's going to be really good- my professor is very cute and able to laugh at herself, and seems very knowledgeable, so i'm excited.

after class christiana and i met liam at manning bar to treat him to a birthday drink and have lunch. it was good for the most part, we had a lot of fun laughing and talking, and somehow we got started talking about music and liam taught chris all about 60's music. she said later that she'd been really impressed. that's actually a conversation that liam and i have had before- that he's so smart but that people just don't recognize it because he's silly and says some outrageous things.

i went to my greek history class and it was good- we were talking about homeric poetry and i really enjoyed it. hopefully all of the lecturers are as interesting as the one i had yesterday.

i called christiana when i got out of class and she was at hoochie mama's. when i arrived liam was sitting next to her(i thought he'd gone home), so the three of us sat around a bit and talked. we then went to marly bar and liam taught us how to play the 'pokies' which are kind of like slot machines. i didn't bet anything but it was funny to watch the two of them fight over what and when to bet.

i came home with a massive headache and spent the night dozing and making new playlists. i heard my computer beep about about 11:30, and saw that elise was on skype. i called her and it was awesome, i've missed talking to her so much!! i told her all of my crazy stories about being here, and she told me about how things are in new york.

and then, i went to sleep.

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