Tuesday, February 20, 2007


things are so different here, but so the same. i'm loving this city, the sun, the huge campus, the water. knowing the circular quay and the amazing beauty there is 20 minutes away and that there are a million gorgeous beaches nearby is kind of blowing my mind.

but no matter how far you go, life is still life. you still have to sit through boring information sessions, hang out in your apartment at night while you figure out what you want to do until eventually you've sat there too long and it's too late to do anything, and deal with the problems that living poses.

i've missed liam. it's been good to see him. i've forgotten how he makes me laugh, and how much fun we have together. i was so anxious about coming here and seeing him that i had stomach aches for the first few days until i actually got used to hanging out with him. they're gone now.

i'm actually pretty glad we went through everything- i can look at this whole situation much more objectively. i think things will work out- i'm hoping to leave here on good terms with him, and having had some fun. it's weird to be transitioning into the friend zone, but good. i think i just had to be here and in that situation to realize that we could do it. i kept thinking it was all or nothing, but i think we can find a good something in the middle.

i haven't heard from andrew since i left. huge bummer. he's getting ready to go to shanghi soon so i know that he's busy. it doesn't help that my aim and msn won't work here. but still. a hello would be nice.

tomorrow's the last day of orientation, and then we finally get to sleep in. i haven't had a decent night's sleep since i left iowa, so i'm pretty excited to have a nice leisurely morning, maybe grab a coffee and a muffin and just read on the lawn or at circular quay. to just be still.

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