Friday, February 23, 2007

this is the life

today was uplifting.

i woke up to tom making bacon and eggs, which smelled unbelievably good and made me wish for the big, greasy, morning-after-a-night-out sunday breakfasts of camp, sneaking off to go eat when we weren't supposed to. i poured a bowl of cereal and sat on the porch with him, chatting a bit but mostly just enjoying the fact that i was eating breakfast on the porch with the sun beating down on my legs.

i read a magazine while harry and tom bummed about a bit, and then they decided to go to the beach and invited me and chris along. i called her and told her to get ready, then hopped in the shower and put on my swim suit.

we drove over to near bronte beach, slightly unsure of where coogee, the beach we wanted, was. we pulled over to look at the map and found that we were only about 3 minutes from coogee. we parked, and stopped at maccas(mcdonalds) for burgers and fries for tom and chris and a chocolate shake for me.

we walked down to the beach and once again it hit me just how gorgeous this country is. walking around the city i can kind of forget how close to the water i am, but walking over the pale sand to the deep-blue ocean was beautiful.

we spread our towels out, and i lay down while chris and the boys put their sunscreen on(i had put mine on before we left to give it time to absorb, like a good girl). we all lay in the sun for a bit, and then decided to go for a swim.

the boys jumped straight in and went body surfing, but chris and i hung back and just let the water rush up to our legs and our feet sink into the sand. eventually she joined them, and i watched as they all jumped when the waves hit them. i looked around at the gorgeous blue water and felt it surrounding my legs, and closed my eyes and felt the sun on them. it was one of the purest moments of peace i've had in a long while.

tom rode a wave back to me and asked me to come out to where they were. i was scared because i haven't done more than wade in the ocean since i was tiny, and even then i don't think i ever really swam in it. i was nervous about it, but i figured that i came here to do something new and exciting, so i better get a move on. he showed me how to tell which waves i could ride and which to dive under, and i almost made it out to where the three of them were before getting uneasy. i started to head back and was bashed about by the waves a bit, swallowed some salt water and got it up my nose, but in the end i was glad i tried something new. i may suck at it, and not actually like being that far into the ocean, but it felt good to come to face to face with something i've never done and at least try it. i liked letting myself be part of the sea instead of just watching it.

chris came out of the water as i was toweling off and we went for a shower. when we got back the boys were there, so we all laid down and started chatting. we talked about classes and harry and i had a couple of good laughs. i like him and tom more and more each time i interact with them. chris was cracking up because harry had sand in his curly dark hair, and we all watched him bury his feet in the sand as tom sifted it through his hands.

eventually we decided to come home, and on the way is started to rain. chris fell asleep in the car, and when we got home she went to her place to take a nap. the boys and i took turns showering and then i chilled out and read my book for a while.

chris came over at 8 because we had dinner plans with gore, and she and i hung out while we waited for him. he called at 8:30 and said he was on the way, so we went out front to meet him. when we hopped in the car he gave us each a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek, and i immediately had a huge smile on my face. gore is someone who's company i sorely miss when he's not around. he's constantly telling stories and making me laugh, but he's also really insightful.

we found a cool chinese place at darling harbour and sat down to eat, gore regaling us with stories about the odd ways he's met girls. we talked about the whole liam situation, and gore actually gave me some things to think about. it's nice to have someone around to talk about it with who knows liam. no one at home or school does, so it's hard for them to get a complete picture or to give suggestions.

after dinner we got ice cream and sat looking out on the harbor and talking about australia vs. america- work ethic, movies, lifestyle. it's always interesting to me to talk about how different it is here. chris and i talk a lot about how america is so self-absorbed and go go go. not individual americans, persay, but the just country in general.

gore dropped us off at home and gave us huge hugs, especially me because he knows how strange this whole liam thing is. we made plans to come out and watch the boys play cricket on saturday, and then gore backed out of the parking lot and chris and i walked home.

so maybe life hasn't gotten less complicated, and maybe the peace i've found in this place so far has been fleeting. but hey, i've only been here a week.

i dig my toes into the sand
the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket
i lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless
and in this moment i am happy

wish you were here - incubus

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