Wednesday, February 7, 2007

a mark a mission a brand a scar

i got five stitches in my back today.

i went to the doctor to have a mole that i've had for a while checked out before i left because it was making me nervous, and she told me they needed to remove it. she checked the schedule for later this week and said that they really only had time today, so she numbed the area and cut it out. weird. i've never done anything like that before- never had stitches or an operation or broken a bone. i could see her working over my shoulder out of the corner of my eye, but i couldn't feel anything until now because the novocaine is wearing off.

it got me thinking though, about other kinds of wounds. i guess we all kind of figure out our own way to 'stitch' them, and some of us don't so they're jagged and rough. some of us open the wounds again and again in order to continue to feel, and for the very purpose that there will be a scar. sometimes we just need to suffer.

the most inconsequential things can leave the deepest scars; the deepest wounds can heal smoothly over time. but each one is a story, and a part of who we are.

here's to the scars that we suffer and those we make in others: each one is another step.

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