Tuesday, February 27, 2007

curve of the earth

andrew's in china. shanghai, to be specific. he got there last night. nice to know that he's closer to me. i miss him.

chris and i went out and played pool with harry and his friends bryce, ben, and jake. ben, harry and i were on a team, and at the end of the tie-breaker game i sank the two winning shots. i was excited.

it's funny how a new place can be so different but so the same. i'm in australia, this amazing country, but i spent my night playing pool and watching soccer in an irish pub on king street. i could have been anywhere. kinda crazy to think about.

but it's good to know that there are fundamentals to life. that people enjoy common things. andrew and i talk a lot about how it's simple things that make me happy, or small things. he says he doesn't understand how i can be so complicated but so easy to understand at the same time. but that's being human, don't you think?