Sunday, February 25, 2007

48 hours of meh

last night we went on a harbor cruise. despite how cool it sounds and how pretty it was, it actually sucked. we paid 60 bucks for tickets, the food was crappy, and there were like 400 loud obnoxious kids taking up all of the space. on the upshot, i got a good(considering my camera is pretty much busted since the display broke and now it can only take pictures and video without any of the functions like night flash or without being able to see it after) picture of the harbor at night.

today chris and i went to watch liam the the boys play cricket. boring game, but we sat with donny and had a lot of fun talking with him. after the game we went to see wiggles headquarters, where donny and liam work. it was awesome- we got see the costumes and where they do the filming and recording for their cds.

we drove home through a huge huge huge thunder and lightning storm, and hung out at liam's while we waited for it to pass. gore came to pick us up and we went into the city for their friend's party at some bar. not that great, i only knew liam's friends and it was loud and all i wanted to do was go home and sleep.

thank god i get to sleep in tomorrow.

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