Friday, January 26, 2007

west third between thompson and sullivan

i'm finally back in new york. it's unbelievably good to be here. the sun was setting as we came in to land at laguardia, and it was such a great welcome back. i waited for the m60 and took it to lenox ave, then took the 3 train down to dad's place. when i walked in the door sandy had already ordered chinese food, and i scarfed it down. it was really nice to get to spend some time with just her- we rarely get to do that, and it was great, especially in the wake of her hip surgery.

after dinner sandy played me some really cool interviews with this teacher who wrote what sounds like an interesting book. i'll have to check it out. as i was all wrapped up in a blanket reading in the other room, she made me hot chocolate, and it was amazing- she uses ghiradelli or something and it's ridiculously good. it made me think of what i posted the other day about mom making me hot chocolate when i came in from playing in the snow.

andrew called and we made plans for tomorrow. i'm finally going to go see his office, and the actual office too, not just the lobby. andrew's good friend at work wants to say hi, so i get to be all official and have a visitor's pass.

as i was putting on my coat to go down to campus and meet brett, dad walked in the door and we chatted for a bit. it was a good thing he got home when he did, otherwise i probably wouldn't have seen him until saturday.

i finally got off the train at campus and walked the three blocks to washington square park where brett and i had agreed to meet. those blocks have never felt so long- i was frozen! brett wasn't there because i was late, so i called him and then walked down to his apartment, which is teeny tiny, but fabulously close to campus.

i've missed brett a lot. you know how sometimes you can in reality barely know someone, but you just get them, and they get you? we've only actually gotten the chance to hang out a few times because it was summer and then he was in italy, but we talk a lot and somehow have this crazy bond. we sat around his living room/photo studio and talked about everything- sydney, italy, exes, friends. somehow we started listening to country music and then brett dug into a coconut cream pie. not to stereotype, but when you look at brett, you don't think he probably likes country music but lord does he ever. rockin' out to keith urban. i was very proud. brett's a little ridiculous just like me. except, he's never gotten toothpaste in his eye and thinks it's weird to brush his teeth in the shower. but the point is, it was good to see him and i'm definitely going to make it a priority to see him again on sunday since we haven't actually been in the same city at the same time for 10 months.

today was a good day. tomorrow's going to be a good day, too. a cold one, but a good one.

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bretterson said...

im so in love with you its kinda ridiculous. will you please call me before you head out? you had better have skype by the time you get there, if not already. i cant wait to talk to you again. thank you so much for coming to see me. thank you so much for loving on me while i was in italy. thank yo uso much for the post. yo uhave no idea how much it means to me to just read that. as i have a couple of times now. i love your blog. i love you. i love that youre going to have the best time.