Wednesday, January 10, 2007

so i figured...

i realized today that, well, anticipation is half the fun. so i decided that i'd write some before i even leave for sydney because that way, well, we can all get excited.

i'm excited.

i'm more excited, however, to be going back to new york in two weeks to see everyone. especially because brett is back from italy and i haven't seen him since last may... far too long without bretterson. and leigh will be in the city that weekend, which is pretty much the best coincidence ever. and andrew and mike just moved into a new place in jersey so i get to take a field trip to see it. i won't get to see a lot of camp people before i go, but, usually i don't see them during the year anyway. still sad not to get to see them, but also, customary.

until then though, i'm working. and working. and hanging out with sami and krystle and folks here. and oh yeah, did i mention working? mom and don are gone until thursday and it's like everyone in the cedar valley knew it and decided to come to the diner and make the waitstaff(and me) crazy. but hey, it happens. 10 bucks that when they get back we'll have the slowest weekend ever.

the point is, i generally spend most days with my excitement at going back to new york and then to sydney just bubbling away in the background and putting me in a good mood. so you should be excited too. 'cause it'll be like you're living it, i promise. pictures and everything.

get excited!

also, i just realized that i said the word 'excited' probably too many times, so feel free to utilize a thesaurus and replace it with any of the following: thrilled, exhilarated, enthusiastic, psyched, etc....

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