Saturday, January 13, 2007

not much to do with oz, but...

so, i'm reading this book about australia still, and i really like it. it's nice to learn about the place that i'm leaving for a month from today.

ed just yelled at me because andrew got mad at him today for doing something he knows andrew hates. well DUH. i mean, ed's smart, he went to nyu, you'd think that after 50 million times the kid could grasp a concept as simple as not doing something he knows will piss andrew off. but whatever, i'll just swoop in and save andrew from him for the weekend that i'm there, and then ed can hate me all he wants because i will be gone gone gone to the land of oz.

my second thought, well, third, is that i'm concerned about andrew's birthday present. well, the part he doesn't know about, anyway. i've had the idea in my head for the last couple of months, but just couldn't make it right. and now i'm really happy with it but the problem is, will andrew like it. hopefully he'll understand the effort and care that went into it, for some reason i'm still nervous about it. i shouldn't be though- he's pretty damn thoughtful himself, so much so that it teeters on the point of amazing, so i'm banking on his recognizing that in my gift. it kinds of sucks because it's something that has a lot of me in it, and if he doesn't like it it might be pretty crushing. but this one... this one had to be this personal for it to work. so we'll see. lucky man gets it almost 2 weeks before his birthday because i won't be in the city on the actual day.

i just realized that i said a whole lot of nothing because only a few people actually know what the present is, and most have no idea about the whole me-andrew-ed dynamic. maybe i should just go back to writing interesting things that i learn about australia.

80% of all that lives in australia, plant or animal, exists nowhere else.

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