Monday, January 22, 2007

i put on my overcoat and walked into winter

it snowed again early this morning, and i have to grudgingly admit that it looks gorgeous. especially with all the evergreens in our yard, and the relatively big(not really actually, but i'm used to new york) expanses with no tracks. part of me really wishes that i still had my powder blue snow suit, and that when i came inside from playing that mom would make me cocoa that's way too hot to drink in my garfield cup(also long gone). i miss mom letting us stay up late or getting us up early to watch the weather report in hopes of a snow day. i remember a few times when she didn't even wake us up and just let us sleep since we didn't have school.

it reminds me of that huge snow storm that new york had last february. liam was visiting then, and we went to central park and played in the snow. i remember he was so excited because it was only the second time he'd ever seen snow, and he'd never seen it fall. it was kinda nice that after 3 years of hating it because i had to drive and walk in it, i got to see it through his eyes and remember how much i loved it.

there were a ton of little kids and their parents sledding that day, and having snowball fights. liam ended up just jumping in a huge snow drift, which was in retrospect a bad idea because he didn't even have a real winter coat, and only jeans and sneakers. he used to ask me why i got a coffee on the way home from class all the time, but as soon as he was out in that cold for more than a short walk, he didn't have to ask.

so, maybe my love for snow has come back to life a little bit. that being said, it is also absolutely FREEZING here, and i'm completely regretting packing away my tights. i think i might go crazy from lack of heat.

it's summer in sydney- i cannot wait.

they've got their mothers worked into a panic
sledding down hills into oncoming traffic
and parents layer clothes until their children couldn't move
then they let them outside until their noses were blue
and i got left there, too

'i was a kaleidoscope' - death cab for cutie

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous that you're going somewhere where it's summer. I went to Mexico over the break and it was beautiful and warm there.. but then i had to come back here and it was cold again. when you come back from sydney it will be summer here and you'll get a double whammy of warm. i am sooo jealous. that being said- find some tights and keep warm until you go down under. miss you lady!