Thursday, January 25, 2007

falling asleep to the sound of sirens

i leave for new york tomorrow. i don't remember being this excited about anything for a long time. even though this trip is goodbye, it's also going to be amazing.

i realized while i've been home over christmas that i actually miss the city itself. before i've always been itching to go back to school because i missed everyone. and i do miss everyone, a lot more, it turns out, than i ever thought i would(though that could be the impending 4 and a half month trip to sydney talking). but i miss the city. i miss the way the sun reflects off of astor apartments as i'm walking to class, waiting to buy a coffee at the metal carts on campus, walking into my crappy little apartment on seventh street after saying hi to the security guard on duty. i miss riding the subway, listening to my ipod and shutting everyone else out, spying random artwork on the sidewalks. i miss when people stop to ask for directions and i can show them that new yorkers actually aren't all rude. and i miss watching couples kissing on street corners, or sitting in the washington square park fountain with megan pretending to study but really just enjoying people watching.

i've been saying for so long that i don't want to live in new york after i graduate. and maybe i don't, i don't know. teaching in new york sucks because new teachers are always put in the worst schools with the worst pay for the most work. but sometimes i think i'd really like it. i know it's cheesy but, part of why i want to teach is because i want to help kids- whether that means giving them the basic skills to read and write well, teaching them to love literature and use it to explore their world, or being a friend to them- become the best they can be. maybe new york is a good place for me to do that. in any case, i'm glad i've still got two years left there.

the thing about new york is that it takes you by surprise. once megan and i were sitting in the fountain and the sun was setting behind the buildings, and it turned the arch(made of white marble) this amazing pinky-orange color. and this december andrew and i were walking back to my apartment from his company's christmas party in union square, and as we skirted the park i looked up and saw the moon shining so brightly that i almost had to shield my eyes. that is the only time i remember seeing the moon in new york city, and it was more beautiful to me then than any of the harvest moons i've seen at home.

so even though the m60 ride back to the city and then the 2 train down to dad's promise to be slow and annoying, i can't help but think that i'm probably going to smile like an idiot every so often because, well, i'm in new york.

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maryelizabeth said...

ah, this post makes me miss new york. i promise to come visit once you get back from sydney. xoxo.